Our primary market, where we sell and deliver our products is United Kingdom. But, if you live in one of the European Union countries and you want to buy in our store, you are also very welcome to do so. Our service in open for your orders.

We prepare for you the most flexible payment methods - PayPal and Debit / Credit Cards. Doesn't matter which currency is in your country, you will be able to pay for your products with ease.

We send our products to United Kingdom and all European Union countries, using the services of the most prestigious international carrier UPS. Its our trusted partner in logistics and we want to ensure you that your order is always in good hands from our warehouse to your doors.

The delivery cost to United Kingdom and all European Union is always £ 8.50. But, if amount of your order is over £ 100, your are eligable for FREE DELIVERY.

Estimated delivery time is about 3 - 5 working days but can be extended if your order is placed during the weekend.

If you live outside European Union and you want to place your order, please contact us to calculate a delivery cost with us.